Gala Atlantis 450

GALA ATLANTIS 450 Rib Package

Package Price:  £27,000 Inc VAT

Gala Atlantis 450 and A500L are medium size aluminum hull RIBs with an open cockpit and a nice selection of consoles. If you are looking for something spacious, light and easy to handle with exceptional performance, then these will be your best choice. Both Gala Atlantis 450 & 500 models are great as a family boat, for watersports, fishing or even using as a coach or rescue boat for yacht clubs or professionals.

Both models come with C-04 steering console and S-03 double seat. The steering console features a high profile windshield and railing, high enough to drive standing
and to protect the driver from the wind. Folding seat back makes the rear cockpit area easily accessible and more useful.

There is a nice selection of options including bow step plate, heavy duty towing arch, built-in fuel tank and more, that can easily customize the boat to your needs.

The unbeatable performance and remarkably dry ride with «GALA TABS» make these models stand out among the other competition.

Every boat is available with either VALMEX or HYPALON tubing, in a variety of colours.