Kayaks Aberaeron

With nearly 25 years of experiance, Tahe Marine offers a wide selection of different types of composite and triple layer polyethelyne rotomolded kayaks for different tastes.

Aqua Leo SOT is a nice sit-on-top kayak. Perfect for enjoying a fine day on the water, fishing or paddling. The hull design offers you good stability and is ideal in slow-moving and still waters. Aqua Leo has 5 scupper holes with bungs to drain out the water from the boat plus they won’t let water in. Handy bottle holder with bungee in the front will keep your hands free and favorite beverages near. A handy paddle keeper on the side will help you store your paddle securely while resting. Aqua Leo has a reasonable size rear storage area to fit all the necessary gear. Carry handles in rear and front plus side carry handles make handling and transporting the kayak very easy. This boat can be stored in small spaces and launched quickly. Replaceable keel protector keeps the keel protected when dragging your boat on the ground. It’s made from single layer polyethylene.

Aqua Moon kayak can be paddled by everyone. This kayak has a stable hull and can be used for surfing and/or to exploring rivers and the coastline. With excellent stability and easy handling on the water it is perfect for beginners, but can also fit more experienced paddlers as well. It has a comfortable seating area which gives good primary back support. Kayak has paddle holder on the side and a console in the front with bottle holder to keep your necessary items within reach. Aqua moon is equipped with one rear storage area that is big enough to carry your gear for a nice day on the water. Replaceable keel protection in the rear will protect the boat and safety lines on the sides will keep your kayak visible in the dark. 4 scupper holes with bungs are installed to drain out any excessive water and they won’t let water in. Carry handles in rear and front plus side carry handles makes it easy to handle the boat. Aqua Moon Basic kayak is made from single layer polyethylene.

Aqua Moon Angler kayak is a comfortable and stable kayak for more demanding paddlers. It is a versatile sit-on top kayak that is ideal for paddling or fishing on the river or around the coastline. Aqua Moon Deluxe has an excellent stability and with 2 fishing rod holders it is mainly aimed for anglers. The kayak is equipped with paddle holder on the side, rear storage area with netting and one front hatch for safe and dry storage. Four scupper holes with bungs won’t let the water in and they allow draining it out from the kayak. To keep you cooled with your favorite beverages and keep the essential gear close to you the Aqua Moon has a console in the front with netting and a bottle holder. Reflective safety lines on the sides will keep you visible in the dark and replaceable keel protection in the rear will protect the boat. This kayak is made of single layer polyethylene.

A popular & versatile double sit on top with center seat for solo paddling or for a third paddler. Super stable hull design with built in keel for tracking plus a large weight capacity. It is stackable & self bailing with four large molded in grab handles for easy carrying.